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Cotton Candy Dreams


Santa Monica at sunset is not to be missed. My family and I head down to the pier and boardwalk almost every night for the sunset. It get all the energy out of my two kids Sean and Saoirse. My husband Tim and I run them ragged before dinner, bath, bed.

The is a special hour where the sun is about to set and the light is quite literally magic, that is how you get the saying "Magic Hour". It produces some of the best lighting of the day. Most nights the sun sets and lights up the sky in every shade of the rainbow; but mostly in purple, orange and pink. The dessert sun sets and with it the warmth of the dry day. The dessert nights are much cooler especially in the winter. Time to go from cut off shorts and dresses to warm sweaters and beanies. At least for a month or two if we're lucky! Today was a day for cotton candy.

Photo by Olivia Saville. Shit: Vintage, Shorts: Levis, Glasses: Oakley Frogskins, Rings: Agas and Tamar.

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